Some often asked questions:

Q: What is a Fall-Pac unit?
A: A Fall-Pac unit is a light-weight fall protection system that protects workers from injury when falling from heights at work of up to 2.7m per layer.

Q: Are the units fire retardant?
A: Yes, our units are fire retardant, they are tested to BS5852 0+1, we also offer an advanced fire-retardant unit for an extra cost (crib 5).

Q: Can you use Fall-Pac around a trailer rather than the TS2?
A: You can use the Fall-pac units around the trailer however there will be a drop between the bed of the lorry and the unit whereas the TS2 units sit flush with the bed of the wagon.

Q: Can you drop tools onto the units?
A: No, any sharp objects dropped on to the unit could rip the skin resulting in the filling being exposed or even displacing out of the unit. Rips or tears larger than 2cm would result in a failed unit.

Q: What is the drop height?
A: The Fall-Pac units have been tested at BRE to a drop height of 2.7m, however, we have internally tested to up to 3m.

Q: Are the units stackable ?
A: If the drop height is over 2.7m up to 3.5m we recommend that the units be double layered this is called an elevated surface. We don’t recommend any more than 2 layers.


Q: Where should the TS2 be used?
A:The TS2 System was developed for the transport sector but has found many uses from protecting worker building film sets, under aeroplanes and helecopters, removing the fall heights from loading and unloading ships and also for loading and unloading wagons.

Q: I use a competitors products which are now damaged can you help?
A: Fall-Pac believes in helping the enviroment where ever possible this also means recycling not just ours but also our competitors products we recycle over 98% of the product to reduce landfill waste contact us for more information.

Q: How often do I need to check my units?
A: We recommend a yearly on-site inspection where one of our trained Inspectors will come out to your site and inspect the units. He will mark what is fit for use and what is not. We do offer a recycling service for old/failed units and we also offer refills.

Q: Should there be gap in-between units?
A: No, when the units are clipped together, the straps will pull the units to create a mat type surface, there should be no gaps, and if there is then the units are underfilled and may need refilling.