Soft landing systems for mining, defence, transport, aviation, ship building, construction and railway.

Protected from the moment your foot leaves the ground. There when and where you fall.

Fall-Pac Soft Landing Systems - TS1

Fall-Pac TS1

Dimensions: 2.5M x 1.8M x 0.644M
Area Covered:4.5M2
Working Height: 2.7M
Created for the transport sector the TS1 is now used in film, aviation, transport and ports

Fall-Pac TS2

Dimensions: 2.5M x 1.8M x 1.3M
Area Covered:4.5M2
Working Height: 5M
The TS2 is a larger version of the TS1 unit and is used for concrete pillars, ports, transport and powerstations.

Fall-Pac Air

Dimensions: 2M x 0.644M x 0.644M
Area Covered: 1.28M2
Working Height: 2.7M
Fall-Pac’s air-pocket filled units offer a new, cost-effective and reliable solution to fall protection.

Why Fall-Pac Australia

Since 2004, Fall-Pac has been protecting those working at heights by providing industry leading fall arrest, soft landing systems. Scientifically researched and tested, we believe that the Fall-Pac Landing Systems are the safest available.

With dedicated team and sole distribution in Australia, Fall-Pac Australia are able to offer you a comprehensive, tailored solution to your project needs, whether hire or purchase.

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